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Business Appreciation Expo

Business Appreciation Expo

Premier Business Expo

Booth: 11
Hall: A
Country: USA
12324 Your Company Address Houston, Texas 77021

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Company Description 

Business Appreciation Expo is a premier business expo that showcases appreciation to Business Owners, Exhibition & Networking Event for Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and anyone that owns a Business or looking to start their own Business.

Our main focus is targeted on networking, learning and building valuable new business relationships.

By attending this FREE one-day event, Business Owners will network and connect with top vendors in various industries, learn how to solve challenging business issues and collaborate with the best in the business.

Business Appreciation Expo Highlights Include:

  • FREE to attend
  • Complimentary Food and Drinks to the 1st 100 guests
  • Learn from Industry Experts on how to enhance your business
  • Develop leads and make new contacts from Business Owners
  • Build valuable relationships and exchange ideas
  • Gain new business from referrals and create new opportunities
  • Network with Top clients & professionals from various industries
  • Connect with Industry Leading Vendors and explore various products, deals and discounts


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