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Advertisement Table

Connect with your customers at Professional Women’s Expo

Having an advertisement table at PWE guarantees visibility, leads, and networking. Our marketing plan reaches thousands of top professionals throughout various industries. We attract the right clients for your business on the expo floor and facilitate business to business relationships. At PWE 2022, we have enlisted Wakefield Crowbar. Top Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Business Owners will be walking the floor and will be ready to meet you. 

Advertisement Table
What is an Advertisement Table?

Advertisement Tables are for advertisers that want to advertise there business cards, brochures, flyers or any promotional material on a table. Ad Table is perfect for any size company who cannot attend the expo. Your company will still get exposure like if your company was at the expo. Simply ship us your advertisements and our staff will put your advertisements on an Ad Table for you. Every hour our staff will refill your Ad Table. Our photographers will take pictures of your ads on the table and send it to you once the expo is over.

Cost: $250 per advertisement

[Limit 8 Advertisements Per Table]

How it works

Step 1: Choose your Ad Table from the Floorplans
Step 2: Fill out the Ad Table Reservation Form
Step 3: Reserve your Ad Table and ship us your marketing material

Wakefield Crowbar
[Zone A]
Entrance Floorplan

Entrance [Zone A]
Advertisement Table Details

  • Ad Table – 32″ High Top Round Table

Ad Table Reservation Form

Reserve an Ad Table by completing the form below.